No one is talking

There's a risk in the radio rental industry that no one talks about.

It's likely happening while you're reading this. A large rental client has decided to keep their radios for a few extra days -- the same radios that had already been scheduled for another client.

Bottom line: The rental company can't fulfill the order — leaving you stuck without radios.

Customers worry about on-time delivery, but it's radio inventory that's the most common problem in the rental industry. Luckily, Dollar Radio Rentals has overcome this problem and backs it with the industry's best risk-free guarantee.

Introducing Double Guaranteed Delivery!

We're so confident that we'll have your radios in stock and delivered on time that we back our service with a double money back guarantee. If for any reason we can't deliver your entire order on time, we'll refund double what you paid (both in rental costs and delivery fees) for the number of days you're without your order.* We promise this even if the problem was outside of our control.

How can we make this guarantee? By keeping a much larger than needed inventory and working directly with the manufacturer, we always have enough radios in stock. Even if we suddenly ran short on inventory, we can have the manufacturer drop-ship radios to you on schedule. Plus, we rely on the dependability of UPS® to deliver our radios to you on time. If we suspect that an order could be delivered late due to inclement weather, we will attempt to deliver the radios early.

So if you absolutely, positively need to have your radios in stock and delivered on time, you need Dollar Radio Rentals.


* Additional information: Delivery fee refund applies only to the cost you paid to have the items shipped to you. In the unlikely event that a product arrives defective, rental refund applies only to that item.