Why Renting Two-Way Radios for Event Security is the Safest Choice

Radios are ideal for security, while cell phones are a poor and dangerous substitute.

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The top priority in organizing any major event is safety. Events can be a logistical challenge, with demanding situations and crowds of people to account for. Whether it’s a sporting event, music series, trade show, art festival or a corporate event, it’s all about coordination. And coordination comes down to communication.

Organizers should consider two-way radios as their first and most essential safety device. With two-way radios, event security staff can alert the organizers to any suspicious people or activity. If there are delays or bottlenecks in the flow of a crowd, event workers can be informed and reroute the crowd. When organizers deal with large groups, it just makes everyone feel more secure knowing they can communicate with the appropriate people.

Cell phones are a poor substitute

Cell phones may seem like a replacement for professional walkie-talkies during events, but that’s not the case. A smartphone interface was never intended for this type of communication. For security, it’s important that everyone can communicate at once – something a smartphone isn’t designed for. There’s no instant push-to-talk capability, either. In case of an emergency, you don’t want to be fumbling with your smartphone to dial someone’s number, only to get sent to voicemail while the intended receiver is taking another call or playing with an app.

Even worse, phone networks can get overwhelmed in emergency situations, especially at events where attendees are choking the network. Plus, cell phone networks are notorious for dead spots, dropped calls, and service-level issues – especially in underground or remote locations. Two-way radios don’t suffer from these weaknesses.

Renting Radios Vs. Buying

Two-way radios have long been a necessity for major events. But instead of buying, many event organizers opt for two-way radio rentals. It makes sense. These events have such slim margins that organizers look for every opportunity to cut costs. Buying dozens of radios at a time, when an organizer may only use them for an annual event, isn’t going to save money or time—especially when considering storage and maintenance. Renting gives event planners and security personnel access to the latest technology, choice of features and the assurance that the equipment is all in good working order.

Event planners may need hundreds of radios at a time, and they have to find a supplier with the scale to meet that kind of demand. Dollar Radio Rentals works with some of the largest event planners and is often called upon to supply radios to some of the largest events in the country. They understand that communication is the first and most essential part of event security. The organizers let Dollar Radio Rentals be the radio expert, while they focus on making the event a success.

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