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Titan TR3POC

Finally, you can rent a Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Radio! Titan has combined the durability and push-to-talk capabilities of a two-way radio with the network connectivity of an LTE mobile phone. The result is walkie-talkie-type functionality with nationwide coverage!

Basic Features:
  • Ultra-Rugged to Military Standards
  • Lightweight: 6.7 oz
  • Max Range: 4G/LTE Nationwide Coverage
  • WiFi Capable for Additional Coverage
  • Dedicated Push-to-Talk (PTT)
  • Powerful High-Quality Digital Audio
  • Digital noise suppression
  • Long Battery Life
  • No Need for Repeater
  • Belt Clip Included
  • Operates Like a Two-Way Radio
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Unlimited Call Groups