Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Dollar Radio Rentals rent Motorola two way radios?

Yes, for more information about Motorola two way radio rentals give us a call at 866-886-3767.

2. At only a $1.99 a day is there a minimum requirement for radio rentals?

Yes, we only require a 3 day rental minimum.

3. Do the radios for rent include free programming?

Yes, each rental comes with free programming. We can include programming software upon request. That way if there is an emergency or frequency problem, you the renter can quickly fix the problem. We can guide you through the programming process over the phone if needed.

4. Does Dollar Radio Rental service the entire nation?

Yes we rent two way radios nationwide, we have radio rentals in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, Orange County and several cities in Texas including Houston and Dallas.

5. Who is responsible for shipping the rental radios?

Shipping costs to your shipping address will be included in the total price. The renter is responsible for return shipping costs.

6. Is the Titan Radio TR200/TR400 available for purchase?

Yes, the Titan Radio TR200 is available for purchase feel free to call us at 866-886-3767 for more details.

7. Where can I find more information on the Titan Radio TR200/TR400?

You can visit the Titan Radio website at

8. What if the radio rental equipment is lost or damaged?

If the equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair the renter is responsible for replacing it. Product replacement prices can be found on the manufacture website