Yes, for more information about Motorola two way radio rentals, give us a call at 866-886-3767.

You'll need the ideal amount of coverage and features at the best price. The Titan TR200 and TR400 are analog radios that work fine in most cases.

The Titan TR200 has a maximum outdoor range if 3 miles and indoor range of 300,000 square feet. It's effective within 1-5 story buildings. That amount of power should be ideal for most fairs, carnivals, church productions and conventions.

However, these are maximum range capabilties within ideal conditions. If your needs fall near or outside the maximum capabilities, it might be best to move up to the Titan TR400. The maximum outdoor range jumps to 5 miles and the indoor range increases to 400,000 square feet. If your event is indoors, the TR400 can communicate within 1-15 story buildings. That makes it ideal for large area events and college campuses.

If you'll be in a loud environment, the Titan TR4X digital DRM radio would be your best bet. It has the same coverage as the TR400, but that range is digitally enhanced to provide better sound experience. For example, the TR4X offers background noise cancellation and voice enunciation.

If you need coverage greater than 5 miles, a Titan repeater may be the solution. A repeater is not a signal booster, but rather a signal repeater. If placed correctly a repeater can more than double the communication distance between radios. Repeaters are rarely needed (less than 5% of our clients), so call us to determine if a repeater is right for you.

Check out our Help Me Choose app to provide more assistance on choosing the ideal radio for your needs.

We've only covered the Titan radios here. If you're interested in Motorola radios or have other questions, call us at 866-886-3767 for help.

Yes, each rental comes with free programming. We can include programming software upon request. That way if there is an emergency or frequency problem, you the renter can quickly fix the problem. We can guide you through the programming process over the phone if needed.

No, Dollar Radio Rentals owns the equipment and uses FCC licensed frequencies. All rental equipment is covered by our National FCC License.

Yes, we only require a 3 day rental minimum.

When you order online, the shipping costs are included in the final rental charge of the order. We will deliver the equipment on the business day prior to your rental start date. You must ship it back the business day after your rental has ended using the provided return shipping label.

If the equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair the renter is responsible for replacing it. Product replacement prices can be found on the manufacture website www.titanradio.com

It's very likely they are compatible, but you should call us at 866-886-3767 to confirm.

First of all, our business radios won't be compatible with consumer radios that use FRS or GMRS frequencies. From there, both radios must be working on the same frequency and frequency splits. For example, a VHF radio and a UHF radio cannot work together, or a UHF radio with a 403-430 MHz split cannot work with a 450-470 MHz split.

Also, both radios need to be operating in the same mode – analog or digital. Radios like the Titan TR4X are Digital DMR radios that can operate in both analog or digital mode. However, because the enhanced digital features are only available in digital mode, if you have analog radios it would be better to pair them with one of our analog models.

This explanation does not cover everything you would need to know, so it's important to call us to confirm compatibility before making a purchase.

Our radios have an expected average battery life of at least 8 hours, but that's an average figure that can vary greatly. How often the radio transmits, how many watts are used and the age of the batteries are some of the factors that can affect battery life. Therefore, it's important to add extra batteries to your order. We recommend one backup for every two radios you rent.

Yes, all Titan Radios are available for purchase. Call us at 866-886-3767 for more details.

You can visit the Titan Radio website at www.titanradio.com for information on the Titan TR200, TR400 and TR4X.