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Why Construction Companies Should Rent Two-Way Radios

Posted on Sep 11 2023 in Resources, Industry News

Purchasing a radio fleet requires major capital that locks you into rapidly aging hardware and licensing hassles. Instead, discover how rental agreements provide access to better technology and flexible scaling, so you pay only for the radios you need. Plus, all repairs, maintenance and licensing are handled by the provider. Read on to learn why renting may be the smarter choice to equip your crews.

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Why Renting Two-Way Radios are Essential for Flawless Conventions

Posted on Jul 13 2023 in Resources, Industry News

It may be the era of smartphones, but veteran event coordinators emphasize that renting two-way radios is a vital part of an event's success.

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Renting Two-Way Radios for Security: What You Need to Know

Posted on May 17 2023 in Resources, Industry News

Should you buy two-way radios for your security staff or rent them? We'll take a look at the advantages of renting two-way radios in the security industry. This includes the cost-effectiveness, technological edge, scalability, FCC compliance ease, maintenance relief, compatibility with existing radios, and expert support that rental services provide, enhancing overall operational efficiency and safety.

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Don't Rent Two-Way Radios Until You Ask These 5 Questions

Posted on May 15 2019 in Resources, Industry News

Asking some key questions can protect you from a radio rental nightmare. The following five questions were chosen based on our research and horror stories we received from customers who came to us from a competitor.

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Decipher Two-Way Radio Features and Terminology

Posted on Apr 4 2019 in Resources, Industry News

Sometimes you need a glossary just to figure out the best radio for your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of common radio features.

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Why Renting Two-Way Radios for Event Security is the Safest Choice

Posted on Apr 2 2019 in Industry News

Event organizers should consider two-way radios as their first and most essential safety device. Cell phones are a poor, and even dangerous, substitute. Renting radios provides a cost-effective alternative to buying that can fit into any budget.

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Avoid an Event Disaster When Renting Two-Way Radios

Posted on Mar 15 2019 in Industry News

It's event day and the two-way radios haven't arrived. Discover why this happens and what you can do to prevent it from ruining your next event.

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